Thank you Flatpack!

Thanks to everyone who came along to Oh Dear Diary at Flatpack on Friday. We were astonished to see over a hundred people packing the 80-seater Gas Hall venue on the night!

Special thanks to our brilliant readers, who once again defied my expectations with some truly random teenage nonsense. You saw:

Alice reading from her diaryHetta – who went to parties and had no face
Emma H – who stalked Quentin Tarantino and was sure he liked her too
Alice (right) – who loved her naughty horse Tom more than boys
Elle – who had the 90s-est photos and loves her docs
Ben – who threw the cat at the lampshade
(and of course me, Emma W. I was the one who documented a five minute bus journey in minute detail and had a list of Daves.)

We also saw the wonderful Republic and heard from the Directors, Olie and Neil. Massive thanks to them for being there to introduce it (and sorry I gabbled at you when you introduced yourselves – I was surprised!) I’ve since found that some of the audience were originally from Blyth and had travelled from wherever-they-live-now especially to see it too! Worth the trip – a very funny and poignant film. You can view the Republic trailer on Vimeo here.

Special thanks must go to the Flatpack Festival organisers, especially Selina, for recommending ODD as a Flatpack event; Lucile and Sam who “got” ODD straight away, came up with the format for the evening and chose the perfect film to go with it; Mark for making sure we would have everything we needed tech-wise; and Stuart for his calming influence on the night, running the slideshows, getting the mic and light levels right and showing the film.

There was also a team of amazing Flatpack people there on the night running front-of-house, getting extra chairs in, making sure we were aware of timings, directing people, etc etc. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve forgotten the name of the main person, thanks to my terrible nerves on the night, but I think she was called Holly. This was the first show where I haven’t had to worry about any of the venue logistics, so thank you especially for that.

Want to read at the next Oh Dear Diary?

We’re looking for people who kept a diary between the ages of 12 and 20 – and still have it! – to read at the next Oh Dear Diary show in October. If you think you’d be up for it, email and let me know. Include a bit of info about the type of diary you have – the age you were when you wrote it, whether it’s a long form diary or a line-a-day, the sorts of topics you covered, why you think it’s funny now, etc. I’ll be in touch!

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