An Oh Dear Diary with a difference: ODD 5 at Flatpack 10

In case you missed it, the next Oh Dear Diary show will be part of the Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham at the end of April. So we’re mixing it up a bit this time.

As well as some stonking diary readings, from brave volunteers – most of whom have never shared their teenage diaries with anyone before! – we’ll be screening a short film: Republic (2013; 42 mins).

The film was chosen by Flatpack’s Programmer Sam, who saw it earlier this year and not only fell in love with its dry humour, but immediately saw how brilliantly it would fit in with Oh Dear Diary. It was filmed in the 90s, by a team of teenagers, as Directors Neil Richardson and Olie Griffin explain: “In 1991 we were living in Blyth, a small town in Northumberland which was voted the worst town in Britain. We got our hands on a Hi8 video camera and began to document what we saw around us. 20 years later the film can finally be seen.”

We’ve only seen the trailer but we think you’ll agree it would seem to be very much up the Oh Dear Diary alley. Do come along on 22nd April and enjoy the whole thing with us!

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