Oh Dear! It’s happening all over again!

Yes, we’re making plans for the next Oh Dear Diary. In fact … (whisper it…) we’re making plans for the next TWO Oh Dear Diaries!

We loved putting on the first event in Cherry Reds last October and – woohoo – it seems like the rest of you loved watching it too. So we’re going to do it all over again. But first… we’re going to need some more readers.

Did you keep a diary as a teenager? Have you still got it? We’d love to meet you!

Do you still have have a diary from between the ages of about 12 and 20? Think you might be up for reading some of it to a small and very appreciative audience? We’re looking for people to read at Birmingham in April, and potentially Manchester in July. If that sounds like you, please let us know. And if it sounds like someone you know, please tell them all about Oh Dear Diary!

To find out more (don’t worry, we won’t commit you to anything until we’ve had a proper chat), email emma@ohdeardiary.com, or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

I know what you’re saying. “Oh, but mine’s really boring…” But the thing we’ve found about teenage diaries is… nothing is too banal or boring! Sometimes, the dull bits are the best (one of the funniest lines from last year’s ODD was when Ged told us she “got followed home by a dog”. Why is that funny? No idea. It just is).

If you’ve got diaries, but you’re not sure about sharing them, please email us anyway. If you’re local we could even meet up and have a chat about it.

And in the meantime, have a look at some of the videos from last year’s event – here you can hear our previous readers… and see some of the, er, amazing artwork they were kind enough to share with us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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